Training Plan

Starting in 2018, St Malo Triathlon is excited to launch new opportunities for first-time and beginner triathletes and duathletes to prepare for the St Malo Triathlon.

Training Peaks Training Plan

  • Coach Patrick Peacock has designed an entry level training plan, provided through Training Peaks, for beginner triathletes to help guide their preparations leading up to the St Malo triathlon. The plan is available for purchase when you register for the event. Price $25
  • After purchasing this option, participants will need to 1) set up an account at, 2) click on “Find a Coach”, 3) search for “Patrick Peacock” and 4) contact him about the St Malo Training Plan. Please allow a few days for us to set up your access.
  • About Coach Pat: Patrick is the Head Coach of the Tribalistic Triathlon Team and a personal coach to a few clients looking for one-on-one training and guidance. With his education background in exercise physiology, NCCP Triathlon certification, and a long history of competing in the sport, Patrick has used his knowledge and experience to generate this training plan for beginner athletes looking to get the most out of their St Malo Triathlon experience.