Things to Remember!

Did you remember to…

Buy a park pass?

A provincial park pass is required to enter the park. Seasonal park passes can be purchased at St. Malo Provincial Park when you arrive for $40. Day passes are also available for a reduced rate of $5. To save time, you may wish to purchase your pass in advance of the race. For more information on park pass fees, please click here: Park Passes

Have a race belt?

Your race bib must be displayed during the bike and run portion of the event. Race belts are a convenient way to display your race number.  If you don’t have one, they are available at most running and bike stores.


Most years the water temperature at St Malo is between 16 and 21.9ºC and wetsuits are allowed. The final decision is made by the Triathlon Manitoba Head Official on race morning in accordance with the International Triathlon Union Competition Rules. Wetsuits are not allowed if the water temperature is 22 ºC and above. Wetsuits are mandatory if the water temperature is 15.9 ºC or less.

Review rules and safety information?

Please review the following information from Triathlon Manitoba in preparation for your race: Rules and Tips

Check out your competition!

Go to CCNBikes to see who else is registered in your event!

Check out the Random Draw Prizes

Our sponsors have been very generous with prizes!

Things to do – Race Day

  1. Arrive early and avoid the rush! Registration opens at 6:00 AM
  2. Go to Race Check-in. Pick up your timing chip and race bib number. There is no body marking at St Malo!
  3. Go to Transition – Race Officials will check your bike and helmet.
  4. Rack your bike in the designated row. Set up your transition area
  5. Leave Transition – do not leave any bags in transition – these will be removed by the race official.
  6. Attend the 7:25 race briefing.
  7. Go to your marshaling area 15 minutes before your start time
  8. Race!
  9. Enjoy the post-race athlete food
  10. Enjoy the post-race Lunch if you bought a ticket
  11. Enjoy the Random Draw Prizes and Awards
  12. Enjoy St Malo Provincial Park!
  13. Come back tomorrow to cheer on the St Malo Kids of Steel Triathlon starting at 8:30 AM.