About Tribalistic Triathlon Team

Performance Oriented Fun

The Tribalistic Triathlon Team was originally formed and registered as a triathlon team in September 1995. Athletes of all ages and abilities are a part of the Tribe and are ready and willing to help you out.

The Tribe has about 50 members including rookies and veterans, recreational athletes looking for a quality environment to build and maintain fitness, as well as athletes competing as novice age-groupers in local triathlon and/or cycling races through to nationally and internationally competitive events.

Coaching Model:

Tribalistic Triathlon Coaching program is intended for competitive-minded age group athletes. Athletes who focus on competing for personal bests, provincial awards, or to compete at the National and International level require a consistent training program to continue to improve and remain injury free. Tribalistic provides a motivational training environment that encourages members to pursue the next level.

This is a program that has been designed to challenge not only Manitoba age group athletes with consecutive years of aerobic training looking to move up to the next level, but also provides a setting for a novice athlete to successfully complete their first season of Triathlon. The program allows for individuals to manipulate their own training times to fit their life and meet their triathlon goals by offering 6 day per week workouts. Individual athlete/coach consultations will be available at any point throughout the season to assist with a particular athlete’s development.

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