2013 St.Malo Triathlon Results

Official Race Results

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Comments from the Race Director

The 18th annual St. Malo Triathlon took place on June 23, and what a day it was!!! The weather could not have been any better, the athletes all looked great, the motivation was high, and the race volunteers were working hard.

This was the largest Triathlon ever held at St. Malo Provincial Park; out of 283 registrants competing we had a total of 73 NEW participants!! We are working hard here in Manitoba to try and grow this great sport, and I believe that this weekend shows we are having success. I encourage everyone to read through the rest of this site to see how you can become involved in this event, from volunteering to participating.

Many thanks go out to all the volunteers who gave up their weekend to help put on the race. We would not have the sport of triathlon in the province without you. You sacrifice many hours to help make these events a success and you will never go unnoticed. On behalf of the athletes, the spectators and Triathlon Manitoba I would like to thank you again.

Your St. Malo race director,

Blake Wood